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Info on using old membership points

Members of the Dynasty membership of The Shilla Seoul and the Gold Club membership of The Shilla Jeju must use their old points until July 26, 2020 only at the hotel where the points were earned. The requirements for using the old membership points of the The Shilla Seoul and The Shilla Jeju are as shown in the following table.

  • Dynasty Rewards Point

    You points may be redeemed at the front desk for American Express Travelers cheques, LHW vouchers, Samsung vouchers, free hotel room vouchers, and room upgrading service.

    Point Amex Travelers cheques LHW gift certificate Samsung gift certificate 1 night voucher Room upgrade
    2,000 KRW 50,000 Executive Floor
    2,100 USD 50 USD 50
    3,100 USD 75
    3,600 KRW 100,000 Suite
    3,700 USD 100 USD 100
    5,000 KRW 150,000 The Shilla Jeju(Deluxe)
    5,100 USD 150
    6,200 KRW 200,000 The Shilla Seoul(Deluxe)
    6,300 USD 200 USD 200
    7,200 KRW 250,000 The Shilla Seoul(Executive Grand Deluxe) or The Shilla Jeju(Premier)
    7,300 USD 250 USD 250
  • Gold Club Point

    If you have at least 2,000 points, you may redeem them for a hotel voucher or room voucher at the front desk during your stay.

    Point Using Point
    2,000 Samsung gift certificate KRW 50,000 or Upgrade to Deluxe room with sea view(1 night)
    3,800 Samsung gift certificate KRW 100,000 or Upgrade to Corner Suite room with sea view(1 night)
    5,400 Samsung gift certificate KRW 150,000 or Standard room with mountain view(1 night)
    6,000 Premier room with mountain view(1 night)
    6,600 Samsung gift certificate KRW 200,000 or Deluxe room with sea view(1 night)
    7,600 Samsung gift certificate KRW 250,000 or Premier room with sea view(1 night)
    10,000 Corner Suite room with sea view(1 night) or Deluxe room with sea view(2 nights) or Premier room with mountain view(2 nights)
    Notice for Using Points

    Vouchers can be received only after confirming your identity at the hotel front desk.(Non-deliverable to other locations)

    Use of upgrading service and room voucher is only allowed when there is a vacant room. The service cannot be used during the summer peak season(July - August) and during the New Year season(December 20 - January 1)

    If you are the one who is redeeming points for the room, the room may not be used by anyone other than youself or guests accompanying you.

ISMS 인증범위: ㈜호텔신라 호텔 인터넷 홈페이지 서비스 / 유효기간: 2023.12.20 ~ 2026.12.19