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About The Shilla

Samsung Group Affiliate

Hosting numerous state visits and international events, it has played the role of locomotive for the service industry in Korea with pride and responsibility as 'the face representing the Samsung Group' and 'the hotel representing Korea

The Hotel opened in March of 1979, following the intention of the late Mr. Byung Chul Lee, the founder of the Samsung Group.

The Best Hospitality Company

THE SHILLA maintains elegance and a tradition of winning guests’ hearts with the aim of becoming ‘the best hospitality company’. By joining LHW, it is on par with the most luxurious hotels in the world. Meanwhile, it has added modernistic design elements on top of the roof called tradition, thus going through changes to make itself a premium life style space that upgrades the quality of life. Blending exemplary service with legendary South Korean hospitality, The Shilla has played host to many international events and visits of heads of state from all over the world. An iconic brand, The Shilla offers seamless service with a warm Korean touch.

Premium Lifestyle Leading Company
A Global Leading Company offering customers the life-style of their dreams based on trust.
As superlative lifeStyle professionals, we present more people with experience of class and pride
Core Value Pride Of The Shilla
We aim to provide the best services at all times.
We pursue innovation in all our business affairs.
We serve all our customers with the utmost sincerity.
We all Shilla People respect each other.

ISMS 인증범위: ㈜호텔신라 호텔 인터넷 홈페이지 서비스 / 유효기간: 2023.12.20 ~ 2026.12.19