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Shilla Rewards Terms and Conditions

  • Article 1 General terms of membership

    1. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to lay down basic matters with respect to the use of Shilla Rewards (the "Program"), which is a hotel membership program of Hotel Shilla Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

    2. The Terms and Conditions of the membership program and the benefits and services related to membership operations are applied to the following (items (1) through (3) being herein referred to collectively as the "Affiliated Hotels"):

    • (1) Hotel Shilla: The Shilla Seoul and The Shilla Jeju
    • (2) Shilla Stay (All Properties)
    • (3) Partner hotels and resorts

    3. The company will stipulate matters concerning the membership qualifications of the membership program, benefits and earning and using membership credits in these terms and conditions.

    4. This Program shall be only available to individual Members who are 19 years of age or older, and corporations or organizations may not sign up for membership.

    5. If any of the Terms and Conditions or rules of this Program is deemed contrary to the mandatory provisions of the country that a Member (or membership applicant) is a citizen of or resides in, it will be nullified for such Member.

    6. The Company may make changes to the composition, benefits and contents of this Program, including its terms and conditions, depending on the circumstances of the membership operating body, and may terminate this Program.

    7. If the Company has made any changes to the Terms and Conditions, it shall inform Members of such changes by giving them written notice via e-mail or website posting, or by other reasonable means, within ten (10) days (or one (1) month if the changes are unfavorable to Members) from the effective date (the "Effective Date") of the new Terms and Conditions; and such notice shall specify such Effective Date, provisions in question and reasons for the changes. Members may choose not to accept the new Terms and Conditions, in which case they may terminate their membership. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Members will be deemed to have accepted the new Terms and Conditions if they fail to express no later than the Effective Date their intention to terminate their membership, despite notice from the Company stating so. However, where the changes are unfavorable to Members, they may terminate their membership within two (2) months following such notice.

    8. At least six (6) months prior to the termination of the membership program, the Company will post a public notice on its official website ( (the “Membership Site”) and send an email notice to every Member at least once.

    9. Six (6) months after the notice of termination is given under clause 8 above, the Points held by Members will automatically expire and all benefits and services for them will be no longer made available.

    10. In the event that the address and other personal information of members has changed, members must notify the company. Failure to do so could negatively impede membership serice to the member, and the company will not be held responsible as a result.

    11. The company may notify members of hotel information and members’ account statement, and will not be held responsible for its loss or late delivery thereof if it is delivered by mail.

    12. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and in the event of any dispute or legal action between a Member and the Company arising under or in connection with the Terms and Conditions, such dispute or legal action will be submitted to the court of competent jurisdiction over the locality of the Member's residence or the Company's registered head office.

  • Article 2 Becoming a member and creating an account

    1. Signing up for membership can be done via the membership website, mobile app or one of the named retail outlets within a partner hotel.

    2. Members can sign up for membership free of charge.

    3. Members cannot register for additional membership accounts.

    4. If a Member creates multiple membership accounts, such accounts will be deleted except one, and the Points and benefits for the deleted accounts will be automatically forfeited.

    5. Name, birthdate, gender, e-mail address and phone number are mandatory fields that are required during membership registration.

    6. Membership numbers will be issued immediately after membership registration.

    7. Members may use their membership numbers to check their account at the membership website.

    8. Members may use their personal account at the membership website to view and modify various kinds of information, including the credits they have, details of credits they earned and personal information.

    9. Members shall have their mobile membership cards issued when they sign up for the membership, and such membership cards will be viewable on the membership website. Actual membership cards shall be mailed to Members at their registered addresses only upon their request to the membership service center and it may take at least 2-3 weeks for the cards to be issued.

    10. If a Member needs to have his/her membership card re-issued due to loss or damage, such Member will be asked to submit an application for re-issuance to the membership service center, and it may take at least 2-3 weeks for the new card to be issued.

  • Article 3 Suspension and termination of membership

    1. A Member's account will be terminated if there is no transaction history for that account for a period of sixty (60) months following the end of the month in which his/her last transaction occurred, and his/her existing earned Rewards Points and transaction records shall be automatically deleted. The Member shall be informed thereof by e-mail six (6) months prior to the termination of his/her account.

    2. If a member signs up for membership again, he/she will be registered as a new member.

    3. Members can apply for termination of their membership at the membership service center and membership website.

    4. Applications for termination of membership will be processed within 24 hours after they are received, and the account, credits and benefits of the member will be automatically nullified.

    5. If a member ceases to be a member, his/her membership card (whether mobile or physical) shall become null and void and be no longer acceptable.

    6. In any of the following events, the company may cancel or terminate the membership.

    • (1) Violates any law
    • (2) Violates any provision of these terms, including trading of any of his/her privileges or points for money
    • (3) Has provided false information, failed to provide any essential data or provided any inaccurate data during application or registration
    • (4) Engages in any illegitimate act or else abuses any of his/her benefits under the membership program
    • (5) Fails to pay any amount payable to the Company
    • (6) In the event that the member dies.

    7. In the event of a Member's death, the deceased Member's membership tier and the Points in his/her account will be automatically nullified and shall not be inheritable or transferrable.

  • Article 4 Transfer

    1. No membership qualification, card, benefits by class or credits may be transferred to a third party.

    2. Unauthorized transfer will be subject to the following penalties:

    • (1) Transfer of membership qualification: Disqualification of members and termination of membership
    • (2) Transfer of membership cards and benefits: Nullification of benefits
    • (3) Transfer of credits: Nullification of transferred credits
  • Article 5 Membership classes and benefits

    1. Member classes are divided into Silver, Gold and Diamond.

    2. Members will become Silver members at the same time they register for membership.

    3. Member classes will be maintained and promoted if the conditions stipulated by the company are met.

    4. The Company will be entitled to adjust each member's class based on a score calculated considering how much and how frequently the member has spent under the membership in the past year whether in guestrooms or retail outlets. (The spending and frequency of use for guestrooms for this purpose shall be determined as of the date of check out. For example, if the member checks in on December 31 and checks out on January 1 of the following year, the spending and frequency shall be calculated towards the following year.

    Category Silver Gold Diamond
    Score based on each class 40 points or less 41 points - 70 points 71 points or more

    5. The score given in clause 4 above on which a membership tier is based will be determined by the following formula:
    10* [0.531 * {0.412* (Points for the number of room stays) + 0.588 * (Points for the amount for room stays)} + 0.469 * {0.624 * (Points for the number of food & beverage purchases) + 0.376 * (Points for the amount for food & beverage purchases)}]

    6. In the formula of clause 5 above, the points are assigned to each item as follows:

    Score Number of stays Sales of Accommodation # of food & beverage visits Sales of food & beverages
    1 0~1 KRW 0- 0~1 KRW 0-
    2 2 KRW 400,000- 2 KRW 50,000-
    3 3 KRW 600,000- 3~4 KRW 100,000-
    4 4 KRW 800,000- 5~7 KRW 150,000-
    5 5 KRW 1,000,000- 8~10 KRW 250,000-
    6 6~7 KRW 1,300,000- 11~14 KRW 400,000-
    7 8~9 KRW 1,600,000- 15~18 KRW 600,000-
    8 10~12 KRW 2,000,000- 19~25 KRW 1,000,000-
    9 13~15 KRW 2,500,000- 26~44 KRW 1,450,000-
    10 16~ KRW 3,500,000- 45~ KRW 3,000,000-

    (1) The number of room stays is counted on a check-in basis and consecutive nights spent in the same hotel are counted as one stay only.
    (2) The amounts for room stays and F&B purchases are based on the net sales of rooms and food & beverages, respectively (excluding taxes, service charges, fees for use of amenities and services, and penalties for cancelled reservations).
    (3) Members will earn Points for their F&B purchases only if they make actual payments for them at food and beverage stores. If a Member pays for his/her room stay in the aggregate amount of his/her room rate and F&B purchases, the calculation of his/her point score will only allow for the amount for and number of room stays, in which case the amount for room stays will be determined as an amount incorporating payments for F&B purchases.

    7. Class adjustment is categorized according to promotion, maintenance and demotion.

    8. Class determination and adjustment will be based on how much the member buys from us over a 1-year period from January 1 to December 31, and takes effect in the first week of January of each year.

    9. If the member meets the criteria for promotion at any time during this period, his/her class will be immediately promoted. The new member class will remain in effect until December 31 of the following year.

    10. If classes are changed, the company will notify the member by e-mail.

    11. The services and benefits of each member class are as follows:

    (1) Services and benefits by membership tier

    Membership Tier Services and Benefits by Membership Tier Note
    The Shilla Seoul The Shilla Jeju Shilla Stay Affiliated Hotels
    Suzhou Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang
    Silver Members earn standard points (at a rate of 3% per room purchase and 1% per F&B purchase). At Suzhou hotel, points are not awarded for F&B purchases.
    A once annual 10,000 point redemption voucher is issued upon an eligible stay.       ·Available once a year.
    One each for The Shilla Seoul and The Shilla Jeju
    ·Availability is limited to regular reservations.
    ·Only valid for use till the expiry date.(Invalid after the expiry date)
    ·May not be combined with other coupons or discount offers.
    Gold In addition to standard points, Members earn extra points (at a rate of 1% per room purchase and 0.5% per F&B purchase). At Suzhou hotel, points are not awarded for F&B purchases.
    Sweet Box is offered upon check-in.     Once per stay
    5% discount on F&B purchases    
    10% discount on laundry services during stay        
    Free laundry service during stay
    Shilla Seoul: Members can have a shirt ironed.
    Shilla Jeju: Members can have a shirt laundered.
        Once per stay
    * The laundry service offered by Jeju Shilla shall be limited to shirts (made of cotton) that can be washed with water.
    Members can get a room upgrade 3 times a year (including just a one-time upgrade to a suite).     Limited to (3 nights) once per stay (and 3 times a year).
    72-hour reservation guarantee      
    Diamond In addition to standard points, Members earn extra points (at a rate of 2% per room purchase and 1% per F&B purchase). At Suzhou hotel, points are not awarded for F&B purchases.
    Sweet Box is offered upon check-in.     Once per stay
    10% discount on F&B purchases    
    15% discount on laundry services during stay        
    Free laundry service during stay
    Shilla Seoul: Members can have a suit and shirt ironed.
    Shilla Jeju: Members can have a coat/jacket and a pair of pants laundered.
          Once per stay
    * The laundry service offered by Jeju Shilla shall be limited to shirts (made of cotton) and long pants that can be washed with water.
    Members can get a room upgrade 5 times a year (including just a one-time upgrade to a suite).     Limited to (3 nights) once per stay (and 5 times a year).
    Express Check-In·Check-Out      
    Early check-in(before 12:00), Late check-out(until 15:00)   Services may be restricted depending on the hotel's room availability.
    Free access to the lounge (allowed to be accompanied by one other person only)       Services may be restricted depending on the hotel's room availability.
    Members are presented with a cake if they have a birthday during their stay.     Only once per year
    48-hour reservation guarantee    

    ※ “Regular Reservations” are reservations that are made via Hotel Shilla’s reservation office or online reservation system (website or mobile app), except where they involve wholesale rates, complimentary rooms, House Use rooms, employee-only special rates, family-friendly rates, and/or bookings made through travel agents or other third-party agents.

    (2) Detailed conditions of using the services and benefits for each membership tier
    ① All room upgrades shall only be offered when the room reservation is made via the Booking Office of Hotel Shilla or the booking site of Hotel Shilla (whether desktop or mobile) and request for room upgrade is made at the time of reservation via the booking center of the hotel where the guest is to stay. All room upgrades are subject to room availability at the hotels where the guests are to stay.
    ② The room booked by a Member is upgraded to its next higher room category (except Suite rooms) as long as the room upgrade service is available.
    ③ The room upgrade service is limited to three (3) nights for a single stay. If a Member using the room upgrade service desires to stay in excess of such three (3) nights, the Member shall either pay an additional fee or revert to his/her original room.
    ④ The Suite room upgrade service is available to those Members who are using a room in the category equal to or higher than Business Deluxe at the Shilla Seoul or Deluxe at the Shilla Jeju and up to the room category of Superior Suite at the Shilla Seoul or Corner Suite with a mountain view at the Shilla Jeju. In the category equal to or higher than Deluxe at Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang and up to the room category of Corner Suite at Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang.
    ⑤ The Suite room upgrade service will not be available for the following periods or dates (check-in basis):
    • Shilla Seoul: July to August, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and December 24 and 31
    • Shilla Jeju: July to August, holidays, and December 23 to 31
    • Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang: New Year's Day, Korean New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day, June to August and December 23~31
    ⑥ The Suite room upgrade service may not be used with complimentary night tickets or other discount vouchers.
    ⑦ Same-day reservations or walk-ins may restrict the services and benefits available during the stay.
    ⑧ The services and benefits of Affiliated Hotels may be replaced by other services and benefits or may become unavailable depending on the circumstances of such Affiliated Hotels. For the details of their services and benefits, please contact our Membership Service Center or visit the Membership Site.

  • Article 6 Earning credits

    1. Members must show their membership card and ID card when earning credits.

    2. Members will earn credits for the sales from qualifying stays and qualifying charges paid by the member.

    3. No Points will be awarded for the following:

    • (1) Room rates for wholesale rates, complimentary rooms, House Use rooms, special rates for the Company's employees, family rates, and reservations made through a travel agent.
    • (2) Rates not included in the contract
    • (3) Stays whose rates are paid by organizations and associations
    • (4) Amounts paid for purchasing Samsung gift certificates at the hotel front desk and amounts paid as membership fees
    • (5) Amounts paid to leased business sites
    • (6) Internet, mini-bar, pay-per-view TV, room cell phone charges, room phone charges, temporary bed rental fees, amounts paid for retail products, taxes and tips, amounts paid to use the business center, laundry costs, transportation expenses, amounts paid to use the fitness club, amounts paid to use Urban Island (The Shilla Seoul), banquet expenses, No-Show cost and penalties for cancellation of room reservation

    4. Members cannot earn credits for several accounts.

    5. Rewards Points will be awarded at a rate of three (3) percent per room purchase and one (1) percent per F&B purchase, which shall be based on the final payment amounts. Also, additional Rewards Points may be awarded for each membership tier. In case of packages combining room and F&B purchases, Rewards Points shall be awarded in accordance with the foregoing criteria, but with a division between room and F&B purchases.

    6. One credit is worth KRW 1.

    7. Credits for payments made after membership registration may be earned, but credits will not be earned retroactively for payments made prior to membership registration.

    8. If two members stay in 1 room, credits will be earned only for the member who actually made the reservation.

    9. A member can earn credits for up to 3 rooms on the same day.
    However, credits will be earned only if all the rooms were reserved by the member, and the member stays in one of the reserved rooms, and the member paid for the rooms.

    10. There is no limit to the amount of credits that can be earned at one time.

    11. No credit will be earned for credit payments.

    12. Credits will be earned the day after payment.

    13. If membership program credits are omitted or there are any errors, the company will correct it.

    14. If a Member cannot earn Points as he/she fails to show his/her membership card, he/she may claim his/her missing Points through the Point Adjustment Request page on the Membership Site or using the award request form, within six (6) months after the date of payment. (A proof of payment is required.)

    15. Credits earned in violation of these terms and conditions may be cancelled or suspended.

    16. Earned credits can be checked at the membership website.

  • Article 7 Using credits

    1. Earned points can be spent on a real-time basis just like cash, at a redemption value of 1 KRW per point, at any of the Affiliated Hotels.

    2. When using credits, members must show their membership cards and ID cards, and clearly express their intention to use credits.

    3. The used credits will be automatically subtracted from the member’s account when the credits are used.

    4. Subtracted credits cannot be returned.

    5. Members can exchange earned credits for Samsung gift certificates after applying for the E-Certificate.

  • Article 8 Expiration of credits

    1. Earned credits will expire 60 months after the end of the month in which his/her last transaction occurred

    2. Expired credits will not be returned or redeemed.

  • Article 9 E-Certificate

    1. Members can use the earned credits to request the issuance of E-Certificates at the membership website.

    2. Membersmay exchange the issued E-Certificate for a Samsung gift certificate at thefront desk of the hotel (The Shilla Seoul, The Shilla Jeju, Shilla Stay Dongtan).

    3. Members who desire to redeem Samsung gift certificates must show their ID cards, membership cards and e-certificates at the front desk. (Gift certificates cannot be redeemed by any persons other than their holders.)

    4. The E-Certificate can be used only by the member, and cannot be transferred to a third party.

    5. E-Certificates cannot be cancelled or returned.

    6. E-Certificates will be valid for 6 months from the issue date.

    7. Expired E-Certificates cannot be used, and no credits will be refunded.

    8. For more information on Samsung gift certificates and where you can use them, please visit

    9. Matters concerning Samsung gift certificates will comply with the terms and conditions of Samsung gift certificates.