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Stay ten nights at Shilla Stay and get one night free

[Shilla Stay] Stay ten nights at Shilla Stay and get one night free

Date : November 25th, 2019 ~ December 31st, 2023

Target : Shilla Rewards members who stay at Shilla Stay during the event period

Benefit : Stay ten nights at Shilla Stay and get one night free room voucher

※ This offer only applies to Shilla Stay room or package online reservation through the Shilla Stay website (, Shilla Rewards website (, and Shilla Hotel mobile app. (Reservations by phone or at the hotel do not apply.)

[Shilla Stay Room Voucher Instructions]

- Participating hotels : All branches

- Benefit : One night in a Standard Room

- Expiration Dates : Six months from the date of issuance (Blackout dates vary among hotels.)

* City View for Shilla Stay Haeundae, Village view for Shilla Stay Samsung

* Blackout Date(Dates may vary depending on hotels’ circumstances.)
For all branches
Jan 1st, Jan 28th~Feb 1st, Feb 25th~Mar 1st, May 4th~7th, May 31st~Jun 5th, Aug 12th~14th, Sep 8th~11th, Sep 30th~Oct 2nd, Oct 7th~9th, Dec 23rd~31st, 2022.
Additional Blackout Dates for Gwanghwamun, Samsung, Jeju, Haeundae and Seobusan
[Gwanghwamun] Every Saturday, 2022.
[Samsung] Every Saturday, Jul 31st~Aug 15th, 2022.
[Jeju] Every Saturday, Jul 22nd~Aug 31st, 2022.
[Haeundae] Every Saturday, Oct~Nov, 2022.
[Seobusan] Jul 22nd~Aug 15th, 2022. 

* You can download the room voucher from [My Page], and the downloaded voucher is shown in the Shilla Hotel mobile app coupon box.

* Room Vouchers can only be used by reservation through the Shilla Stay reservation office in advance.

* The coupon number on the room voucher (mobile app coupon) is needed for reservation.

* Hotel rooms may not be available for reservation depending on the circumstances.

* Please show the room voucher (mobile app coupon) upon check in at the front desk.

※ Notice

- This promotion is only applicable to a stay of 10 nights within 24 months of your first stay
* If you have received a voucher for the Shilla Stay 5+1 promotion, that number of nights will be excluded.
- Reservations made before joining the Rewards membership are excluded.
- Corporate contract rates are not eligible for this promotion.
- This promotion only applies to stays under a Shilla Rewards member’s name (maximum of one room per day).
- When two members are staying in one room, this promotion applies only to the member who made the reservation.
- The number of stays cannot be transferred to another person.
- Certain details are subject to change depending on the hotel’s operating policies.
- You can check the number of stays for this promotion at [My Page > Promotion Voucher]

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