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Changes in the User Agreement According to the Intergration of Dynasty Membership and Gold Club Membership

We would like to thank you for using the Shilla.
To provide better services for you, the Shilla integrated the Shilla Seoul's Dynasty membership and the Shilla Jeju's Gold Club membership as the new 'Shilla Rewards' membership on July 27th, 2015.
The 'Shilla Rewards' will provide point benefits and services at the Shilla Seoul, Shilla Jeju, Shilla Monogram, Shilla Stay and affiliated hotels offering more diverse and extensive services to you.


1. How to switch to Shilla Rewards

If you consent to the amended Terms and Conditions and the utilization of personal information, our Membership Center will verify your consent and issue you a new membership number for Shilla Rewards. You will be informed of your new membership number when you receive a new membership card, and please note that your existing points will not be converted to Shilla Rewards points.

2. Dynasty membership/Gold Club membership services and point redemption

Due to the service reorganization, the Dynasty membership and Gold Club membership services will be provided only until July 26, 2015.
Points earned from the Dynasty membership/Gold Club membership may be redeemed until July 26, 2020 according to the previous guidelines at the relevant hotel where the points were earned.
Even if the redeemable points are less than 2,000, you may combine them with the 'Shilla Rewards' points after switching to the 'Shilla Rewards' membership according to the determined user guidelines, as long as you meet the following requirements.


  • 〈Requirements and guidelines for using less than 2,000 points〉
  • Requirements
  • - If the Dynasty membership/Gold Club membership points and the 'Shilla Rewards' points are of at least 50,000 KRW in cash value when combined
  • ㆍ 1 point earned from Dynasty membership/Gold Club membership = 25 KRW
  • ㆍ 1 point earned from Shilla Rewards = 1 KRW
  • - If you have at least 1 redeemable points from 'Shilla Rewards'
  • User guidelines
  • Dynasty/Gold Club members may use the previously earned points as cash when checking out from the relevant hotel where they had earned the points.
  • ※ For more details, please review the user agreement for Shilla Rewards.


We will continue to do our best to provide you with more satisfactory services.
Thank you.

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